Transcription of the charter by Dirk Zebrecht Roevers
dated August 26th,1468. *)

Charter 1468, frontpage

- The grant consists of levies in rye and in cash on farms around Rijsbergen worked by various people.
- Line 11/12: "mijnen lieven jonchere van Nassouen" = "my dear lord of Nassau"  (John IV, count of Nassau, lord of Breda, 1410 - 1475).
- Line 13/14: "metter manscappen" refers to his duty to put (armed) men at the disposal of his liege lord in case of war.

*) Source: GA Breda III: 125, Leaseregister of "Leenhof van Tichelt" 1468-1615, the oldest part of the archive of "Gesticht voor R.K. oude vrouwen", aka "Oude- Dameshuis".
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