Introduction to:
My grandparents, their descendants and families.

Paternal line
The male ancestors of my paternal grandfather,
Christiaan Peter Roovers (1868-1938) originated  from the province of North-Brabant (N-B) in the south of The Netherlands bordering on Belgium.
My paternal grandmother,
Catharina Boots (1870-1942), was a West-Frisian from the province of North-Holland (N-H).

A separate genealogy -with a choice of photos from the 1870's onwards and an index- gives particulars of their parents and their descendants in the female and male lines.

Maternal line
My maternal grandfather,
Bernardus Kruze (1881-1956), was the illegitimate son of Barendina Kruze who was of German  stock. Her male ancestors came from Northwest Germany via the north-eastern provinces of Holland to settle in Amsterdam.
His wife,
Mathilde Adriana Degens (1882-1954), had Zeeland (Middelburg) as well as Swedish ancestors. Her uncles, sisters and one of her brothers still bore true Swedish christian names. Her maternal grandfather Carl Petter August Wenstedt was a Swedish ship's mate employed in the timber trade between Sweden and the town of Middelburg where he married a local girl.

Photos and summary data of the parents of Bernardus Kruze and Mathilde Degens are included in a separate file under "Parents and descendants of Christiaan Peter Roovers and Catharina Boots".