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Roovers Family Tree

New data, new version
Under The Roovers Family is explained how data contained in the Family Tree have been gathered over a period of more than 50 years. Some serious mistakes made decades ago have been corrected in recent years by the friendly cooperation of amateur genealogists and professional archivists.
As a consequence the privatedly distributed 1993 version of my ancestry "Roovers uit de Eeninge van Rijsbergen" has become out of date and largely incorrect.

To make referencing and indexing at all possible I have standardized most christian names and family names though I am fully aware of the implicit arbitrariness. On the other hand the bewildering variety in names is such that faithfully keeping to the wording found in the archives would lead to an unmanageable heap of data.

Pictures and scans
Photos (from the 1870's onwards) are stored in the chapter on my grandparents; a special link (PP) next to the names of individuals in the Family Tree gives access to these pictures.
Scans of a few documents are included because of their particular interest or because they were signed by ancestors; they date from the years 1468, 1571, 1646, 1689, 1703 and 1738.

Publications and archival references (in Dutch)
This section contains: