Roovers Families
descending from Adriaan Peter Roovers (1725 - 1799)

From a number of sides I have received data on related Roovers families descending from Adriaan Peter Roovers (1725-1799, nr 64 in my family tree) but which do not belong to my ancestry. Members of these families are living in The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and the USA.

As these data are incomplete and in part possibly inaccurate I have incorporated them in a separate survey (in Dutch!) of all descendants of Adriaan Peter Roovers known to me.This file overlaps to a certain degree Parents and descendants of Christiaan Peter Roovers and Catharina Boots, which contains the descendants of my paternal grandparents.

"Afstammelingen van Adriaan Peter Roovers (1725-1799)" consists of: