"Eeninge van Rijsbergen"  *)

The juridical framework for the villages of Rijsbergen and Zundert comprised the green andpink areas on this map printed in the early 1900's. The "Eeninge"was dependent upon the earldom of Breda which from 1404 onwards belonged to the Nassau family. 

The dark enclave was a domain in the gift of the Dukes of Brabant, the yellowish one was a separate property that has belonged to various overlords. 

The local bench consisted of a sheriff or bailiff  appointed by the overlord and five to seven freely elected aldermen. It dealt with the minor kind of criminal offence but it's main function was to record transactions with regard to property. A copy of their registers had to be submitted to the main bench at Breda which looked after the interests of the overlord. 

*) literally: unification or unity of Rijsbergen and Zundert-Nassau.